GRB is redefining the Indoor Range Building industry. GRB was created to provide our clients with the highest quality products and innovative design at the most economical prices.

By creating our own product line-including the "Rangemaster" Bullet Collection System and The GRB 100 Target Retrieval system, GRB has eliminated costly middle men and reduced costs significantly by maintaining low overhead.

We use the most innovative design practices and commercial building techniques and combine that with our passion to improve the customer experience to provide our clients with the best possible Indoor Range and experience.

Our select team of Designers, Architects, Engineers, and Installers are dedicated to providing our clients with the best prices and service in the industry.


GRB Specializes in:

Shooting Range Design & Engineering

Commercial Construction

Shooting Range Consultation

Best-in-class Products

Retail space design

Permitting & zoning regulations