GRB Ballistic Block Step Bullet Trap

The newest design from GRB for Bullet Containment. The Ballistic Block Step Bullet Trap is designed for use on lower volume public and private ranges. The unique riser system allows for the Range Owner to move the ballistic Blocks around as they encapsulate more and more rounds. This extends the life of your trap.

Traditional vertical systems create hot spots that require the wall be to taken down from the top until you reach the block that needs to be replaced.

The Step Trap takes up as little as 6' of floor space. It is available in 8"X8"X16" for pistol ranges and 9"X12"X24" for Rifle ranges.

The blocks are Vulcanized Rubber. The density of our rubber is unequaled. Vulcanized rubber in our industry also means elasticity and self-sealing around entrance points rather than chipping and eroding away with every shot fired. Bottom Line — DENSITY STOPS BULLETS.


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