Bullet Proof Glass

GRB provides design and installation for indoor shooting range ballistic glass for observation areas, windows, and doors.

Ballistic Armor Glass by RhinoGlass™ is tested and approved by H.P. White Laboratories. Bullet-proof glass is available in NIJ Level IIIa rated up to 44 magnum for pistol ranges and NIJ Level III rated for 7.62/.308 for rifle ranges.

Ballistic Armor Glass is also available in custom sizes up to 5x8 sheets. Ballistic Frames are also available.

  • NIJ Level IIIa for pistols - $140 per SF
  • NIJ Level III for rifles- $170 per SF


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GRB offers complete design to build services for indoor shooting ranges and will save you significant investment dollars. Plain and simple — GRB helps you make money faster!

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