GRB Shooting Stalls / Commercial Range Booths

The GRB "Commercial Range Booth" uses AR 500 Steel partitions and AR 500 steel ceiling panels that are lined with Ballistic Rubber for safety and acoustics. Ballistic Rubber panels provide extra protection from errant shots and protect both the shooter and the adjacent booth. Ballistic Rubber captures any round to prevent ricochet or splatter.

The GRB "Commercial Range Booth" is a modular design that can easily be installed. It comes pre-drilled for lights and for Target Retrieval Systems. Standard width comes 4' on center but can be ordered in any dimension.

GRB also has Clear Ballistic Stalls — call us to learn more!

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Why choose GRB:

GRB offers complete design to build services for indoor shooting ranges and will save you significant investment dollars. Plain and simple — GRB helps you make money faster!

Call GRB to talk about your project.  We can help you determine what services will benefit you most.  Whether its design and engineering, site planning, or full scale construction — it starts with a phone call.

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