GRB 100 Target Retrieval System

The GRB 100 is the most cost effective retriever on the market today. The GRB 100 was designed to provide reliable, user friendly operation all while saving the customer money. It is the only trolley system capable of spanning 50 yards on the market.

The exclusive rear mount motor housing provides simple installation and is plug and play ready. Mounting the motor on the rear allows for the shooter side tension shroud to be sleek and not take up as much room in the shooters stall.

The retriever is operated by a wall mount toggle switch.

Options include an Exclusive "Soft Stop" to eliminate the trolley from coming in to hard to the shooter's station.

Also available is our Exclusive "Instructor Foot Pedal" that plugs into the bottom of the wall mount toggle switch which allows for control of the trolley by an Instructor during training exercises.

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